Meredith Martin-Moats

I am a mother, researcher, writer, radio producer, oral historian, cultural worker, gardener, and caregiver living in Arkansas.  My work focuses on re/weaving connections across generations, building and supporting place-based work that is focused on a deep understanding of land and community history, working across divides, situating and elevating caregiving as central to community work, and getting my hands in the dirt. 

My work commitments include building community-based models of care, root work, seeds, stories, and unexpected partnerships.

I hold an M.A in Folk Studies from Western Kentucky University and am the founder of the McElroy House: Organization for Cultural Resources located in Dardanelle, Arkansas. I live with my family in Yell County, Arkansas, a region originally home to the Quapaw tribe. I created the Seed and the Story column and the Boiled Down Juice site, a gathering space for conversations at the intersection of community-based traditions (widely defined) and holistic, democratic, anti-racist, place-based community action. 

I am a member of Alternate ROOTS, a co-creator of the Bash-O-bash podcast, and I currently work as an educator,  freelance writer, editor, and facilitator, and I operate a small food and flower growing operation on land my family has been on for generations, named in honor of the sulphur water the flows deep underground. 

Everything is a web. 

Everything is a web.