Snail as mountain lion.


I am a researcher, writer, radio producer, oral historian, cultural worker, and caregiver living in Arkansas.  My work focuses on re/weaving connections across generations, building and supporting place-based work that is centered in a deep understanding of land and community history, working across divides, situating and elevating caregiving as central to community work, and getting my hands in the dirt. 

My life commitments include building community-based models of care, root work, seeds, stories, and unexpected partnerships.




I write for work; I write to understand; I write to call our communities to action. Typically my writing focuses on place, community work, working across divisions, caregiving, grief, art of the everyday/granny skills, plants, and ancestors. Click below to see a small sample. 

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Radio, Podcasts, Oral History

I stumbled into radio production via oral history work over a decade ago, and I have been creating radio programing ever since. In addition to creating my own pieces, I help others create and edit radio and/or podcast programing and develop and implement oral history projects that focus on storytelling as community building. 

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Speaking, Workshops, and Community Work


I am the founder of the McElroy House: Organization for Cultural Resources, and I facilitate and lead workshops on intergenerational, place-based community work, oral history, and have spoken at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress, the Rural Arts and Culture Summit in Minnesota, Folks Arts Missouri, and all around Arkansas. 

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